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It's a given that Walking Dead fans are going through withdrawal pains while waiting for the Season 5 premiere, so I thought it would be fun to recap some of the predictions and speculations I have seen since the Season 4 finale.

While all of the predictions and speculations have been original, creative and imaginative (some even outlandish), I feel its nearly impossible to accurately predict the outcomes of all the various storylines. I mean, its great fun to speculate on outcomes, but, seriously, how much fun would the show be, if it were easy to predict the outcomes of the various storylines? I love to be surprised and The Walking Dead is constantly surprising me. This is due to all the talents behind and before the camera and I thank everyone involved in the making of this exceptional show.

I read that even the cast members don't know whats going to transpire. In an interview with Andrew Lincoln by The Hollywood Reporter, he had this to say.

It's exciting getting the band back together, but there's still three band members out there -- Tyreese, who is no slouch and an alpha male; and Carol, who is frankly beyond an alpha male; and we've got Beth out there as well. We've been sitting with this for four months, wondering, "How the f--- are we going to get out of the car?!" We still don't know; they won't tell us! (Laughs.)

In the same interview, he said this...

The short answer is we're trapped by these guys, and I imagine it'll get pretty messy. Frankly, there's nothing I like more than playing crazy badass Rick Grimes -- and he is pissed at the moment. I don't know what Scott has planned, but I've been texting other castmembers, and we should improvise a few scenes because these kids -- we call those who live at Terminus the Termites -- are going to get it!

So, here are some of my favorite predictions. I apologize in advance if I upset any fans whose predictions I have re-posted.

"Beth is not dead, nor is she the dinner entree, roasting on the grill. The "Termites offered her a deal. They would allow her to join the group and not get eaten, but she had to promise she wouldn't sing...."

"I think Daryl will die in Season 5. Why? Daryl has come full circle regarding his past and future. He is now Rick's brother and such an integral part to Rick and the group, just as Hershel was." Nicko Soddi

"Its not looking good for Bob. And really, the name is a give away, isn't it? In any show even remotely like this, has any character named Bob ever had a favorable outcome? Sorry, Bob, you're name might as well be Zed." Andrew Stone

" I want to see the group take over Terminus, and turn it into what was intended, and fulfill the promise of the prison.....make it a sanctuary for all." Kevin Burnett

"Rick should transition nicely into a cannibal. He already started with Joe." Joseph Crow Riley

"Rick will wake up in the hospital from his gunshot wound and it was all a bad dream. Then, off in the distance, you hear a commotion and screams....and Rick knows it has just started for real." Steven Gray

"I want to see the group kick some ass. Rick find himself a new woman who is alive.....and Daryl to shave his head." Andrew Walter George Turner

And, finally, my personal favorite.

"Andrea will save them all! Her death was never shown onscreen. No one saw her shoot herself. No one saw Milton bite her. She simply faked her death because of her guilt and betrayal of the group. It was her way to start anew someplace else. I'm guessing she went to Terminus. Michonne mentions her in the season finale. You know what happens when they mention characters that have "died",....they come back!" Arthur Ludwig

My thanks to all the fans who contributed to this article and I welcome comments and observations below. Have a "lil ass-kicker" day!"


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