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When he took the role as The Falcon in Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Anthony Mackie landed his biggest role yet and became one of the first black superheroes on the big-screen - but not everyone has been as quick to catch on.

The 35 year old actor was promoting his new film on The Queen Latifah Show, when he recounted an anecdote about how excited he had been to see a poster with his face on it for the first time - and how a stubborn store manager took on the Falcon.

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Later in the show, Mackie revealed there was even more to the story. After he bought the 95 posters, he didn't forget the manager. When there was a screening for the movie in New Orleans, he invited the manager along, telling him "bring your kids, bring your wife".

The manager came, and saw Mackie shaking hands outside after the screening. He came up to him and said: "Oh my god! Can I have your autograph?"

Mackie's reply? "Yeah, but it'll cost you about 75 dollars for all them posters!"

So who do you think won in the battle between the Falcon and the Michael's manager? How would you have acted in the same situation? And just how good do you think Mackie was as the Falcon in Captain America: The Winter Soldier?

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What you have done if you were the store manager?


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