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We start this week, regretfully, with a devastating, incredibly moving story about a young guy from Hampshire, England. There is nothing more tragic in this world than the death of a child but 4-year-old Jack Robinson, who passed away early last week due to an inoperable brain tumor, at least got to do so in the manner he had dreamed.

He was a huge [Doctor Who](series:200668) fan, so when news got to Matt Smith, the 11th Doctor, the actor decided- in an act of great decency- to send his sick follower a touching video message. Jack also loved Gary Barlow's single "Let Me Go" so the Take That front man decided to pay him a visit in hospital too.

Then early last week, after Jack had lost his battle, his family honored him with an incredible Star Wars themed funeral complete with Stormtroopers; a Jedi wreath and a brass band playing John William's Binary Sunset.

Take a look at the remarkable scenes and watch Smith's moving message below.

Jack With Take That's Gary Barlow
Jack With Take That's Gary Barlow
Matt smith sends his best wishes to the Dr. Who fan
Matt smith sends his best wishes to the Dr. Who fan

Jack's father spoke after the funeral:

Jack was a special boy, he was unique and brought everyone together. We needed to give him a unique send off, and the brilliant sunshine that came out for it was Jack looking down on us. I will always love you son.

May he forever rest in peace.



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