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Twitter just got a little bit (read: a lot) more awesome!

Robert Downey Jr., popularly known as Iron Man, has joined Twitter. And he wants to know how thoughts could be restricted to 140 characters!

Yes, RDJ has "finally" (to quote a few of his new followers) signed up with @RobertDowneyJr. Welcome to Twitter, Iron Man!

His first tweet said "Talk to me, Twitter," alongside a selfie in dark shades and a suit jacket, holding up a sign hand-lettered with "@RobertDowneyJr," in case there were any doubters about his online authenticity!

He also dropped a rather comedic tweet, which read: "Loving all the love, folks. It's been a blast. Though can somebody please explain how anyone can keep their thoughts to 140 characters or le," ... Pah! What a joker.

Well, his japes clearly worked in attracting attention, because Downey amassed over 335,000 followers in his first few hours on Twitter (probably some kind of internet record, or something) and now has over 1.18 million fans hanging on to his every online word!

It’s about damn time, RDJ! Where have you been all our lives? I have a feeling that Downey Jr. is going to be really fun to follow on Twitter. I can't wait to read his tweets... What about you? Are you already following?

Robert Downey Jr. is currently busy shooting Joss Whedon's The Avengers: Age Of Ultron, which is set to arrive in theaters May 1, 2015.

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