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James Cameron took to Reddit on Saturday as part of an Ask Me Anything session. What resulted was perhaps one of the longest and most in-depth Reddit AMAs we've seen for a while.

Cameron answered a wide array of questions, including what he thought about Prometheus and the future of Avatar, but he also took time to lay out his favorite movie of 2013. Unsurprisingly, he picked Gravity (which he helped director Alfonso Cuaron create), but he also sang the praises to Marvel's recently released Captain America: The Winter Soldier . Here's what he said:

This year, 2014, I haven’t seen that much that inspired me yet. My favorite film of last year, hands down, was Gravity, and I was hoping it would win best picture, but certainly happy that my friend Alfonso Cuaron won best director. I did think that this new Captain America was an interesting film for its genre, in that it tackled this idea of digital surveillance and the kind of dark side of our hyperconnected society.

James Cameron has tackled quite a wide-range of movie genres, however his love of technology and experience in the action genre could certainly be applied to superhero movies. Would you like to see Cameron helm a superhero flick, and if so, which superhero would you like to see him tackle? Let us know below.


Which future superhero movie would you like to see Cameron direct?


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