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Kit Simpson Browne

The new Transformers: Age of Extinction TV spot is here - and it's everything you could hope for. Mark Wahlberg plays a plucky, muscle-bound underdog! The ominous voice-over tells us that terrible things are about to happen! Transformers punch things! Hard!

There is nothing more you could ask from a Transformers movie. It looks like a giant bundle of silly, low-maintenance fun, and if the series is your kind of thing, then the TV Spot is something you don't want to have out of your life for too much longer.

Helpfully, You can watch it below:

What do you guys think? Looking forward to the next slice of disguised robotic action? Suffering from over-saturation of Marky Mark? Wondering where the Funky Bunch are? Let me know below!


Just where are the Funky Bunch now?


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