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You know that Kevin Smith horror movie about a man forced to dress up in a walrus suit by a sadistic tormentor? Well, star of the movie Justin Long just revealed that Johnny Depp will be joining the cast. That's one way to add a little A-list star power to the upcoming low-budget horror flick, Tusk!

In a recent interview, Long said he's currently working on "Tusk" and that "Johnny Depp is in that one."

The revelation follows a compelling pile of evidence that suggest Johnny Depp is playing Guy LaPointe in the movie, the French Canadian cop character who's part was originally offered to Quentin Tarantino, before the director passed it up because he had "no interest in acting at the moment." Amongst other hints, Depp's latest film, Mortdecai, was scheduled to wrap around the time that Smith claimed he was scheduled to have his Guy Lapointe on set. Also, Depp and Smith reportedly know each other personally.

Tusk (which Smith himself calls the "cuddly version of The Human Centipede") is the bizarre true story of a retired landlord who places an online advertisement on Gumtree offering a room in his house rent free. There is one condition however: The tenant must spend two hours per day dressed as a walrus. Pretty normal, then... So that makes it my kind of film.

What are your initial thoughts on Tusk? Would you want to see Johnny Depp in the movie? I know I would! Hit me up in the comment section below.

Tusk is estimated for a 2014 stateside release.


Do you like the sound of Tusk?

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