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What looks like a tribal '90s warehouse raver spliced with the ultimate dad dancer? Leonardo DiCaprio, of course!

The star has been caught busting some serious jäger fuelled bro moves at Coachella, and seeing his graceful movements makes my heart swell with glee. We've all been there, the joyful strains of MGMT, the 6 beers and then the uncoordinated carefree bouncing like a spring lamb on magic mushrooms. What else are festivals for eh, Leo?

Thanks to some DIY sandstorm protection, there has been a bit of amateur detective work to identify DiCaprio, but the evidence is compelling. So lets walk down the identity parade before we devour our reward like the ravenous gossip hounds we are! It's worth it.

Clue 1

The image above appeared on Twitter clearly showing DiCaprio sporting an identical outfit to the mystery twinkle toed, dancing stranger.

Clue 2

The bandana comes out on a man wearing DiCaprio's outfit from the previous pic. He also happens to be with DiCaprio's girlfriend (The German born model, Toni Garrn who is featured in the background) and sporting DiCaprio's figure. It's not just me who would bet my lunch money it's him, right?

Clue 3

An image appeared on Twitter featuring the same bandanna wearing bloke identified by name as DiCaprio...

And then THIS magic happened!

Everything about this video is SO GOOD! The gleeful woman's face as she realizes the magic she is beholding, DiCaprio's awkward under confident dad shuffle before he goes wild, the kicking, punching, arm waving tribal bro dance. Yes. Just, yes!

Do you guys think this is really DiCaprio letting lose in this video? Seeing as there are approximately 10 people at Coachella not dressed up as a trust fund hippy, it does seem likely to me!


Are there a few too many celebs at Coachella?

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(Images: Wordpress, The Daily Mail via Twitter and Splash News, Twitter)


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