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Jared Leto has proved that his mind is as open as the door policy at Waffle House in an interview with FourTwoNine magazine. The outspokenly liberal actor and musician continues to stand shoulder to shoulder in solidarity with homosexual people and slams the smothering 'values' of the South.

The magazines editor Kevin Sessums explained to Leto that more than a handful of his straight friends had;

Begun to define themselves as queer without it being a sexual term but a cultural one

He then goes on to ask if Jared and his brother Shannon Leto would be averse to sharing this label. In answer, both of the siblings shook their heads with vigor. Jared then told the magazine that;

I don't think we'd care at all. We certainly identify with people who are different

The Letos credit the diverse fan base of their band 30 Seconds To Mars for helping them grow a passion for supporting LGBT issues. Jared explained how indirectly helping people through their struggles with identity is one of the best things about being in a band. He then went on to tell readers about an anecdote that really touched him:

I got a note from a kid yesterday. We were signing a thousand CDs after a show. If you looked at him, he looked like any young kid maybe in twelfth grade or eleventh grade who'd be on the baseball team or something. A nice looking kid. He handed me a note and it said, 'I just want to say thanks so much for the music. It's helped me in many ways–especially with coming out this year to my family'

When questioned about growing up in the notoriously LGBT unfriendly South, Jared was less than flattering about the suffocating climate he felt there. When describing how his family left the area Jared used very telling language by saying;

We escaped early on. It's very oppressive

Don't ever change Jared Leto, you are our favourite hipster Jesus! Your initial even works in the bracelet!

What do you guys think of Jared Leto and his ongoing support for gay rights? Is it great he is sticking to his guns after he was criticized in some circles for not truly understanding his role in Dallas Buyers Club, or is this all a publicity stunt to drum up support from the 'pink pound'?


Jared Leto is...

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