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Zac Efron won the much lauded MTV Movie Award for the Best Shirtless Performance on Sunday night, but if he thought he was going to get away fully clothed, he had another thing coming!

The actor, who received the lofty accolade for his performance in [That Awkward Moment](movie:615400), was swiftly pounced upon and stripped by the raunchy Rita Ora as he accepted his golden popcorn, and it was beautiful.

Ora paced across the stage with the stealth and grace of a young lioness before tearing the buttons from Efron's denim ab coverer (sorry, I mean shirt). The elegant young gazelle that is Efron didn't stand a chance against this brutal disrobing, but that is the result you all wanted anyway!

Check out the Vine of the moment below;

Thankfully, Zac Efron is no shy retiring orchid and he gave us the gun show of our lives whilst being absolutely deafened by rapturous screams.

Check out the GIFs of Efron strutting his stuff like a peacock in bronzer below;

When they say music is food for the soul, I think they might have made a typo because, clearly the correct answer is 'muscles'. Right now I couldn't have a worry in the world if I tried and it's all thanks to Zac's heavenly hypnosis.

Who else is even more enamoured by Efron (and Ora!) than they were before?


The winner of the Best Shirtless Performance should have been...

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(Images: Fit Males and James Dawson)


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