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Get ready to chan all over your Tatum! The 21 Jump Street actor received a 'Trailblazer' award at the MTV movie awards last night, and he almost let some of his sugar flavoured, angel tears out on stage.

The hunky actor, who won the accolade for his diverse, inspirational film portfolio and his charity work, was clearly totally overwhelmed to clutch the infamous golden popcorn. In fact, if that 'dick pic' didn't stun him back to his senses, there would definitely have been some serious sobbing.

Check out the video Tatum's [22 Jump Street](movie:434853) co-stars introducing the award and Chan's 'acceptance' speech below;

After seeing this adorable video, and learning from my colleague that Tatum used to work in a PUPPY HOSPITAL, I think I am in danger of having some sort of cute overload seizure.

He was just so modest as he tried to string together his speech, and his analogy about him watching the show from his couch as a mere mortal 10 years ago was really touching. The [Magic Mike](movie:203046) star didn't break into the industry until he was 24-years-old, so there is still hope for us yet!

Did Tatum's teary eyed acceptance speech leave you weak at the knees, or does he need to pull himself together?


Which is your favourite Channing Tatum movie?

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