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Twilight star Taylor Lautner is in negotiations to star in the upcoming indie movie Run the Tide.

Lautner, who played Jacob Black in the hit Vampire franchise, would play a young man who kidnaps his little brother when he learns that their irresponsible, drug-abusing mother is returning from prison, intent on rebuilding a family life with the two of them.

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As Lautner's character races across the roads of California with his brother, they imagine a future for the two of them full of possibility. Closing in behind, however, is their past, as their mother and her ex-husband try to track down their missing child.

This movie would be a departure to Taylor Lautner, and one of his most complex and challenging roles to date.

So do you think he is up to it? Does Run The Tide sound like something you would want to see? Write in with all your thoughts and comments below the line.

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