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This summer Damon Lindelof is hoping to confuse, entice and exasperate us all over again. His new series, The Leftovers, focuses on some sort of biblical rapture event (or does it?) in which 2% of the world's population inexplicably disappear. The premise was laid out in a teaser trailer late last week, and today we have a new, more focused, promo.

Aside from some rapid fire action stuff at the end, the clip primarily focuses on Justin Theroux's lead protagonist as he jogs around to the enchanting keys of Max Richter's beautiful, if somewhat overused, Vladimir's blues. Take a look:

Difficult again to know what's coming here. Justin Theroux's enjoyed a colorful career but we can't say we're sold on that narration. Lindelof can spin an interesting narrative no doubt too, but he has a tendency to go off the wall when J.J. Abrams isn't around. The jury is, most certainly, still out on this one but we'll be staying quietly enticed until this summer's premier at least.

Will you be giving Leftovers a chance? Can a lone Damon Lindelof be trusted? Will it turn out they're all in purgatory... again? Let us know below.

The Leftovers will air on June 15th


Lindelofs finest?


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