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Kit Simpson Browne

New tech-horror The Den may already be available on VOD, but that doesn't mean that new and exciting promo materials for it aren't still being released. The film has just acquired a shiny new alternate poster, complete with unnerving tagline and blood splatters aplenty.

The film itself - essentially the worst experience of Chatroulette you could possibly have, in which a grad student is drawn into a web of terror after witnessing a brutal murder over a video-chat - looks tense, sharp and full of old-school scares. Which is a good combination, really.

You can check out the poster below.

What do you guys think? Does The Den look like a breakout hit in the making, or will you click right past it the way you would if your Mom came up on Chatroulette? Let me know below!


The Den? Looking good to you?



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