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Kit Simpson Browne

Note: major SPOILERS for Wolf Creek 2 contained below, especially within the video.

Have you ever wondered how they make cutting off someone's head look so real on screen? If so, then the video below is going to absolutely blow your mind.

If not, then it's possible that Wolf Creek 2 may not be the movie for you.

The makers of the Australian horror pic - due to be released on VOD on April 17, with a limited theatrical run beginning May 16 - have offered the world a glimpse at the incredibly impressive and bloody way in which a film crew can behead someone - and the video below honestly needs no more introduction than that.


What do you guys think? Impressive effects, or nothing out of the ordinary? Is there anything else you'd like to know how they do? Let me know below!


What other behind the scenes secrets would you like to know?



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