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24: Live Another Day sees Jack Bauer hunted down and on the run, wanted both by the Russian and American governments.

Things have never been more dangerous for Bauer - so what does he do? Turn up in London at the same time as a terrorist plot and the visit of the U.S. President, of course.

Fox have been releasing clips from the upcoming series in drips and drabs so far - but now we have what might be the best and most detailed look at the new series. And it sees Jack Bauer being captured by his former employers - and subjected to the same sort of "enhanced interrogation" (torture) that he is used to dealing out.

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So how will Bauer escape? And will the potential assassination of President Heller lead - as Jack suspects - to a World War? Check out this trailer and find out more:

So what do you think? Will Jack Bauer make it through this season alive? Will war break out? And do you think this shortened 12-episode 24: Live Another Day will live up to the seasons that preceded it? Write in with your thoughts in the comments below.

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How good will 24: Live Another Day be?


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