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Two of our favourite members of the Cullen clan have reunited at Coachella, and they wasted no time showing off their beauteous beach bods at the legendary pool party.

Kellan Lutz and Ashley Greene, who were good friends even before the Twilight saga, took the time to gobble some hotdogs and bask in their beach wear at the Abbot + Main Desert Estate Pool Party.

Take a look at the pictures below;

For those of you who are eyeing the collection the Lutz is sporting with horror, fear not! The actor hasn't been hitting the beer tent too hard and gone full Bieber. All of those scribblings are fake - phew!

It's almost a shame these two are happily shacked up with other people, does anyone else think they make an absolutely gorgeous couple? They look adorable lounging on the sofa together!

What would you do if you bumped into Lutz and Greene at Coachella?


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(Source: Just Jared)

(Images: Just Jared)


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