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Nina Dobrev has mixed up two of her biggest talents to make a fantastic cocktails of charitable fundraising, and good taste.

The ever-stylish [The Vampire Diaries](series:200853) actress has teamed up with jewelry company Gorjana to curate a collection to aid those suffering with EB (epidermolysis bullosa).

EB is a life treating, often lethal condition that causes patients skin to be incredibly fragile due to connective problems between the epidermis and dermis. Children with the condition are often referred to as 'butterfly children' because their skin is so fragile it flakes off like the dust on a butterfly's delicate wing.

Dobrev's collection is available from now until the 14th of May and is , predictably. stunning yet simple in style.

Check out the pic below;

The end of the collection deliberately coincides with Mother's Day so why not grab something deliciously Dobrev and raise some money for a good cause? Everybody wins!

Buy Nina's collection at Gorjana.


Are you more likely to endorse celebrity products if they also support a good cause?

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