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The reality of a Blade Runner sequel is the sort of thing that sends chills down the spine for a variety of reasons. One part of you gushes with intrigue but the other side... well you know...

The project has been taking some sort of shape in the last few months with Ridley Scott going as far as to say:

Yeah, we're working on Blade Runner 2 right now - that will happen sooner or later.

Few thought Harrison Ford would be interested but even he has spoken out to IGN about the possibility of getting on board if the script was right. Now it seems Ford has reiterated that stance. In a Reddit AMA this weekend the actor had this to say:

I’m quite curious and excited about seeing a new script for Blade Runner if in fact the opportunity would exist to do another, if it’s a good script I would be very anxious to work with Ridley Scott again, he’s a very talented and passionate filmmaker, and I think it would be very interesting to revisit the character.

Ford was then asked about Blade Runner's famously ambiguous ending but made sure to keep his lips tightly sealed.

I think that it’s a wonderful storytelling mechanism for that question to be left unanswered, I love that people are still curious about it.

It's an impossible one to call. Some might argue that Scott has failed to make anything of substance since Gladiator and last year his Alien prequel Prometheus was, for many, one of the biggest disappointments in recent memory.

Ford will have revisited two of his most famous roles by the time this thing comes anywhere close to getting made (we hope to varying degrees of success) but who knows, perhaps it would be incredible to see Deckard back on the screen, chomping down noodles in future L.A. We'll just have to wait and see.

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A return to future L.A.?


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