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Fans of 1970s Wild West/Martial Arts hybrids and musical numbers rejoice: Kung Fu is set to return. And this time, it'll be directed by Baz Luhrmann.

The Australian director is reportedly in talks to take the helm of a reboot of the classic series, in what would be an intriguing genre switch for a man best known for romantic, music-heavy features.

The film is expected to be set in China, with its focus lying on young martial artist Caine's - David Carradine's character in the original series - search for his father. However, if talks progress as planned, Luhrmann is likely to have free rein to rewrite the current draft - so considering the director's previous work exploring the Western in Australia, it isn't impossible that we'll see Caine return to the Wild West after all.

What do you guys think? Is a reboot of Kung Fu a good idea? Would you rather the project went to a director with more action experience? And who would you like to see cast as Caine? Let me know below!


Who should play Caine in the Kung Fu reboot?

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