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Okay, I'll start off by saying these are merely opinion based and in no way reflect any factual evidence whatsoever. So, if you do not agree, I apologize, but I did not forget anything.

For Part II (numbers five through one), please click here!

Anyway, monsters have been a huge part of cinema since it's birth. Humans have an innate desire to be scared, so from the depths of creature shops and the twisted minds of writers comes Part I of the top ten monsters in film!

10. Predator - Predator (1987)

Predators are virtually unbeatable. Heat vision, impeccable "hearing," and a self-destruct device that goes nuclear in case they want to go out with a (very large) bang. I mean, this guy pecks out Schwarzenegger's (yes, I had to copy and paste that) army buds one by one and makes it look easy. Honestly, I wish Predator had won, but oh well. It's their uncanny ability to tear someone's spine out with the head still attached that makes Predator #10 on this list.

9. The Gill Man - Creature from the Black Lagoon (1954)

You can't tell me that you've looked into the face of death and all that is gross unless you've seen this guy up close.

Dear GOD!
Dear GOD!

I mean, seriously. What the hell is that thing? It's a prehistoric should-have-been-dead-a-long-time-ago creature that suddenly turns up on an expedition in the Amazon River. Then, it has the wherewithal to kidnap the fiancé of one of the explorers. How would you feel if that fell in love with you?

Yeah, that's...that's probably about right...
Yeah, that's...that's probably about right...

The poor, poor misunderstood thing. All it wants is a little love and tenderness. And because it managed to hide its hideous face for so long, Gill Man gets the #9 spot.

8. Thing - The Thing (1982)

That isn't even it's final form.
That isn't even it's final form.

Okay, first of all, these American scientists are stuck in Antarctica on a scientific expedition. If you learn anything from this list, it's do not go on a scientific expedition. If you do, you will most certainly be attacked by a monster or alien or something that will horrifically murder you. If being stuck in the middle of nowhere with nothing isn't scary enough, this thing can mimic your best friend and you wouldn't know the difference until his or her head started slipping off their shoulders. The Thing was only trying to go home and it's reckless attempt at escape gives it the #8 spot on this list.

7. Alien - Alien (1979)

When the towing vessel Nostromo intercepts a distress call on their return voyage to Earth, the crew finds themselves on a seemingly uninhabited planet. That is, until one of these cuddly little creatures deemed "face-hugger" attacks John Hurt.

And then explodes out of his chest.

Now then... Who's hungry?
Now then... Who's hungry?

And then runs rampant on the ship, killing everyone in its path. We never quite get a good enough look at the fully grown alien, but it's design was inspired by HR Geiger (whose thoughts seem to revolve around the seven circles). And it's ability to remain unseen until it strikes puts it at #7.

6. Godzilla - Godzilla 2000 (1999)

I have a huge soft spot for Godzilla because not only do I love dinosaurs, but the original film being a reference to a nuclear bomb was an incredible idea. Sure, some of the effects look lackluster these days, but for the time, it was amazing. Godzilla (or Gojira) has been through many changes. But it's the Godzilla 2000 that makes this list because the dude looks mean. He's a fighter and he keeps coming back. He never gives up.

For Part II (numbers five through one), please click here.

What monsters make your list?

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