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Tino Jochimsen

Two days in a row now we’re being reminded what a fantastic actor Philip Seymour Hoffman was.

Yesterday saw the premiere of the trailer for A Most Wanted Man, a spy thriller based on the eponymous John le Carré novel. In it Hoffman did the rarest of things: sport a German accent without sounding like a Nazi villain from The Dirty Dozen.

Today, the late actor returns in the trailer for God’s Pocket, an indie crime drama directed by John Slattery of Mad Men fame. The movie is quite well cast – it stars Richard Jenkins, John Turtorro and Christina Hendricks among others – but again it looks like Hoffman is towering over all of them with a soulful and sad performance. Then again perhaps I am just projecting the sadness. What a loss....

Watch the trailer for God’s Pocket below:

God’s Pocket will be released May 9.


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