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I don't always watch Hemlock Grove, and I'm not a superfan of the show, but when I do watch Hemlock Grove, I binge watch the hell out of it.

Season 2 of the wildly popular Hemlock Grove has a release date - July 11th marks the arrival of not a premiere, oh no, but ALL episodes of Eli Roth's teenage horror drama will be released to Netflix.

What I liked about Hemlock Grove was that while it was primarily aimed at teenagers (yes, it is, don't argue with me) it delivered some pretty shocking imagery that I'm sure a lot of people (myself included in some ways) don't think teens should be thinking about or dealing with - lying to ourselves about what children are seeing, doing or thinking is a common problem, as is lying to ourselves about what we were thinking, doing and feeling as teens. Of course it's sensationalized, of course it's formulaic, but in the genesis of Horror TV, it's still creating waves.

[Hemlock Grove](series:761576) is an uncomfortable fictional portrait of teenage life, but so was Dawson's Creek in it's day. The difference here? Hemlock Grove is a horror themed series aimed at teens. As horror fans, we're very protective of our genre and how we feel about it, because horror is a very personal thing - what Hemlock Grove has done (successfully or not depending on who you ask) is give teens something scary, and provocative to identify with and come to in their own way. While it also acts a vehicle for younger horror fans to find the work of producer Eli Roth, I have high hopes for Season 2 of Hemlock Grove to break some new ground with the series, and maybe inspire a new generation of fans to create something original themselves.

Are you a Hemlock Grove fan? Will you be tuning in to Season 2?


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