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I am Italian, I love trash, horror and sci-fi
Stefano Semeria

I love horror movies, and through the years I've noticed a little "ingenuity" (let's call it that) that makes people die faster than normal. I know that certain things are necessary, if people were smart the killer would be arrested in the first ten minutes, but I believe that there should be a limit to silliness! By the way, if you ever found yourselves in these situations, here's what you shall not do!

1. Fuel

Before leaving for a journey by car make sure you have a full tank, spare tyre and most of all never take alternative streets that nobody usually takes!!

2. Never split!

If you are five friends in the woods or in an empty house how could you ever think of splitting up?! Don't be the man who says to his girlfriend “wait here, I’ll be back in a minute”… wait here alone, are you crazy?!

3. Get Arrested

If most of your friends have been killed by a serial killer don’t go to parties but don’t stay at home all alone as well: the best thing to do is to get arrested!

4. Run DOWNstairs

If unfortunately you end up at home with the killer and you are on the ground floor, run to the front door and not up the stairs, how do you plan to run away, jumping from the roof?!

5. No candy!

It sounds banal, but it is a golden rule: never accept candies (or anything else) from strangers!

6. Use the police

If you find out who the killer is, go to the police, don’t go blackmailing him!

7. Unless your name is Buffy...

If you’re blond you should dye your hair.

8. Refuse gifts/ freebies

If you find a strange pendant or if somebody gives it to you, just leave it there or refuse it politely.

9. Deny Urban Legends

Never try to find out if an urban legend is true, never provoke the bullies and don’t be a bully yourself, because revenge is always round the corner!


10. Don’t trust strangers

...who act too friendly. Even better, don’t trust anybody, even yourself, you could be the killer!


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