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Carnage, AKA Cletus Kasady, is (finally) being considered for an onscreen role in the upcoming [Venom](movie:372411) film spinoff, says producers Matt Tolmach and Avi Arad.

During a recent interview with IGN, the Sony producers were asked about this Daily Bugle Tumblr post about "serial killer, Cletus Kasady" (written by Eddie Brock of course).

Arad replied, "What a great idea."

Tolmach also chimed in, "Exactly. The idea of Venom and Carnage… taking it into consideration. Watch out for this Venom movie. We are crazy excited."

Of course, Venom is still a few years away. While no release date has yet been announced, the film is being directed by Alex Kurtzman, who directed the soon-to-hit theaters [The Amazing Spider-Man 2](movie:508593), along with Fringe and Star Trek, just to name a few).

Arad and Tolmach are clearly not promising anything here, but it's clear that they recognize the value in both Carnage and Venom's massive appeal for Spider-Man fans, especially since the villains have yet to get their box office due.

But is Hollywood truly ready for the brutality of a villain like Carnage to hit the big screen? Considering the reluctance from Fox to let an R-rated Deadpool movie hit theaters, Carnage and Venom may have to be declawed a bit. Let's just say it will be tricky to keep that PG-13 rating. Regardless, the film will probably be pitting Venom vs. Carnage, though don't expect that film to have a clear "hero."

(Source: IGN)


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