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TentSquare - has officially launched its first Short Film Competition!

With a unique approach to filmmaking, TentSquare is working towards their first production - a short film - but it's the process that has the 'net buzzing.

TentSquare is the first completely crowdsourced production studio with an integrated social network.

From the earliest development phases all the way through post-production, our members weigh in. Become a TentSquare member and get involved in the process of filmmaking. Compete to win a featured TentSquare job. Network with industry professionals and film buffs. Choose our next story. Help cast our next film.

Directors and Cinematographers can already submit for a chance to be flown to set and paid to direct or shoot the first TentSquare short film, “While You Were in a Coma.” TentSquare Members have been voting on the story direction as the McManus Bros. (Funeral Kings) have been writing it over the last month.

When voting opens up for the competitions on April 24th, voters will be entered into the TentSquare Voter Sweepstakes, for a chance to become an Executive Producer and get TentSquare merchandise.

Later this summer, TentSquare will begin its first Feature Film Competitions and Screenplay Development. Jeffrey Reddick (creator Final Destination franchise) will be writing the first TentSquare Feature Film with voter help from the TentSquare community.

Members can also be able to compete to become the director, cinematographer, actors, make-up effects artist, editor, singer-songwriter, composer and other positions as well.

Sign-Up for free at to network, compete and see what you can win:!

Is this the future of indie film - films that are directed by, dictated and shaped by voters and fans?

What could this mean for original filmmakers?

(Source: Bloody Disgusting)


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