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The Social Network 2.0 isn't happening. Bummer.

David Fincher had been attached to direct the Aaron Sorkin-scripted biopic about Steve Jobs, the co-founder of Apple. The duo previously worked together on the 2010 'Facebook movie' The Social Network, which is regarded by some as a film that represents a generation.

Steve Jobs with a prehistoric iPod
Steve Jobs with a prehistoric iPod

Sorkin's script, which reportedly sets the movie up to depict just three key moments in Jobs' life, remains as intriguing as ever. I'm a big fan of Fincher, but maybe the director isn't the best fit for the project? If the film is so contained, perhaps it'd better suit someone like Steven Knight, whose new film Locke tells its story through phone calls and features just one location - the interior of a car. Locke has been receiving high praise thanks to Knight's direction and screenplay, as well as Tom Hardy's starring turn.

David Fincher's newest [probable] masterpiece, [Gone Girl](movie:833123), lands in theaters this October. THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER STATES THAT SONY HAS EXCUSED FINCHER FROM THE JOBS PROJECT " sfklej alkw gie nsfkel w foiejrg woijfklj esl jflsejoif rnoignrng sjgojeroi jgjlew fjle f


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