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Nicolas Carmona

A wonderful adventure through genres, colors and talent, this is truly a treat of an amazing movie going experience.

**Will Contain Spoilers**

This is the story that a girl is reading, from an author that is telling the story, of a story told to him by a hotel owner, who experienced it all. A bit confusing, right? Well that is the first 15 minutes of the movie, and through this we not only get hooked on the amazing view that Anderson had for this movie, including the colors and the cinematography (to which I cannot brag enough about) but also on the way that he is telling the story. From the first glimpses and from those first 15 minutes I had a smile on my face, something that carried on through the whole movie and even after seeing it (as a matter of fact have a smile just thinking about it), that is the sort of feeling you get from this movie.

Anyway, the main story, the real one, is about Mr. Gustave, played by Ralph Fiennes and his lobby boy played by Tony Revolori, we are first introduced to the hotel and how everything works and mainly how Mr. Gustave relates to the guests, some in a more peculiar way. A murder happens and Mr. Gustave is the prime suspect, the rest of the story involves breaking out of prison, finding out what happened with the eye witness and who really murdered Madame D. as well as how the inheritance of her will be distributed. Pretty simple story, but like I said the way it was told was amazing, it explored different genres from comedy, to drama to adventure to thriller, all perfectly timed and perfectly mixed within the story. All this is credited to a wonderful script, not only every scene and every event was connected and perfectly timed and paced but also the dialog was possibly the best thing out of the movie; it carried the comedy and the suspense and it developed the characters and their chemistry, the dialog was perfect.

But not only it has a great direction with a great script and sets, the characters, the driving force of the movie are some of the best placed actor to character casting ever. Not only it tackles down many many big stars and even as small cameos, but they do it in a way that they are not forced and that they perfectly fit in this movie, from Bill Murray to Owen Wilson and everyone in between all these little characters added something extra and special to the movie. None the less our main cast, including Agatha (Saoirse Ronan) was great in here, our villains Dimitri (Adrien Brody) and his henchman (Willem Dafoe) strike weirdness and sort of fear into the audience as well as carrying that evil essence villains have. Still no greater than our two main actors, their chemistry through every single scene was palpable and even when they were not on the same scene you could see how they influenced each other, a great performance and quite charming that makes you care and enjoy this thrilling ride with them.

There is so much more I could talk about [The Grand Budapest Hotel](movie:400227) detailing every set, every use of color and contrast, to every little joke and comment, not leaving behind other main characters; but honestly, this is such a good and different movie that you must see it to completely understand how special The Grand Budapest Hotel is. With a smile on my face I give this movie a 10/10.


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