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So as I listen to the amazing Man of Steel soundtrack, I had a thought. Which movie was a better kick starter for their cinematic universe, Ironman or Man of Steel? I'm not going off any of the other Marvel movies, nor their success rate, i'm not going off box office rates, simply just opinion and little fact.

Lets start with Ironman, it came out in 2008, a fantastic movie, just Marvelous(haha had to), it was certainly a wonderful kick starter for the MCU.

Man of Steel, IMO(because I know there's a lot of haters) was a truly breathtaking movie, it was a beautiful film. Indeed a great kick starter with all the Easter eggs.

Now with that being said, IMO Man of Steel was a better film. But was it a good kick starter for the DCU? Yes, but not as good as Ironman. Iron set up for the Avengers while MoS set up for Batman. Now MoS 2 so far isn't on the right tracks, but they're getting there. Ironman is one of my favorite movies ever, and certainly a better kick starter.

Man of Steel had something that just makes me want to watch it over and over again. Ironman does too but not as much. But Ironman is more comical, Man of Steel is more serious, so it depends on what kind of flavor you like.

But I want to know your opinions. Is Ironman a better kick starter for the MCU? Or is Man of Steel a better kick starter for the DCU? And which do you think is a better film?


Better kick starter?


Which do you think is a better movie?


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