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Captain America: The Winter Soldier has only recently been released, Avengers: Age of Ultron isn't coming for another year, not even Guardians of the Galaxy has come out. But Marvel still teased DC that Captain America 3 will not only be coming out in the same year as Batman vs Superman, but it on the VERY SAME DATE!! To steal from another movie, "This Means War". I do agree with Nicolas Carmona that Marvel won't have much to lose if DC beats them in the box office, but I still believe that Marvel should put everything they have into this project. And if they want to have a Captain America movie, like Winter Soldier, with a great storyline, great action, unexpected connections to the previous movies, and huge impacts on the Marvel Universe, what better storyline than Marvel's Civil War. Here's what that story would be about, how it could impact the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and how the franchise could continue from there.


Marvel's Civil War Story

Brothers and sisters turn into enemies
Brothers and sisters turn into enemies

In the Marvel Comic Universe, Civil War started when a group of superheroes cause the villain Nitro to explode from his powers, wiping out hundreds of people. This leads the Congress to create a bill, the Superhero Registration Act, which forces all superheroes to unmask in front of the government and to work for them. This causes the superhero community to spilt into two factions; one, named the Secret Avengers, is lead by Captain America, and includes people like Daredevil, Luke Cage, and Spider-Woman. The pro-registration faction is led by Iron Man along with Mr. Fantastic, with the support of Spider-. They then start a war that will not only decide the fate for the superhero community, but will change the Marvel Comics forever.

This obviously seems like it should be a storyline for a future Avengers movie. But with the fact that Cap 3 is launching on the same DATE as Batman & Superman, they'll need to take things to a whole new level for Marvel. And at it's very heart, Civil War is a Captain America story.

Think about Winter Soldier. Some audiences saw it to see superheroes fighting and to see a movie that could top the Avengers. While other audiences saw it for the fact that Captain America was addressing the fact that you can't take freedom away from people and you have to fight for and earn freedom.

This is exactly what Civil War can offer. It offers amazing and thrilling fights between heroes that we thought were brothers, but turn into enemies. But it also has you question who is right. Captain America is fighting in the war because he sees that the government and the civilians want to take away the right to their own identities and they want to take control of the one freedom superheroes have in life. This is how Civil War can affect Captain America.

It brings in the need for many character additions, but by the time it's supposed to come out, they will have Quicksilver, Scarlet Witch, the Guardians of the Galaxy, Ant-Man, Wasp, and possibly many more. So there will be enough characters to only have small supporting roles, with the addition of Iron Man, and keep it within the realms of Captain America. Now lets get into how this could be manipulated to work in the MCU.

Once again, if you haven't seen Winter Soldier or if you don't want even POTENTIAL SPOILERS, DON'T READ AHEAD.

HYDRA'S Return

Cut off one head, two more shall take it's place.
Cut off one head, two more shall take it's place.

Obviously, if you stayed after the credits of Winter Soldier, that wasn't the last we saw of HYDRA. And we know that SHIELD wasn't the only aspect of world power that HYDRA had infiltrated. There could very well still be HYDRA operatives still in the U.S. government. As we know, HYDRA had a list of enemies and potential threats to their master plan, most of whom they had killed by Winter Soldier. Many of those enemies were members of the Avengers, and many other potential heroes in the MCU (Stephen Strange, included).

In Captain America: Civil War, they could be trying to take away the power that the Avengers have, but instead of trying to destroy them, they could be trying to use them to their own advantage. They could do this by having some superhero or villain to create chaos or harm to the civilian population, they might even use Crossbones for this plan, but lets talk about about that later.

By doing so, they have the power and the reason to create the Superhero Registration Act under the disguise of the U.S. government. By creating this bill, HYDRA will have split the superhero community apart, cause them to kill each other in all-out war, resulting in a disbandment of the superhero community. It would be a major advantage for them as a result. If HYDRA would succeed, not only would most of the superheroes be killed in the war, whoever remains would be under their control. But of course, Cap will always find a way to stop them.

The Winter Soldier's Redemption

Their story isn't over
Their story isn't over

Even the directors of Captain America: The Winter Soldier stated that Bucky's story wasn't over. In fact, it only just started. There's the little known fact flying around that Chris Evans (Captain America) only has a 6 movie contract with Marvel, so thats the 3 Cap movies and 3 Avengers movies.

But Sebastian Stan (Winter Soldier) was signed on for 9 movies, and he's only been in two so far. And as any hard-core Marvel fan would know, Captain America was killed in the comic that came right after Civil War. And who replaced him as the Star-Spangled Hero? None other than the Winter Soldier himself. And as we've seen through Captain America: The Winter Soldier alone, we can tell that the Winter Soldier is slowly starting to put the pieces back together for who he really is.

Now let's talk about how Steve Rogers could be assassinated in the movies, depending on whether it'll be in Civil War or Avengers 3. In the comics, Steve's assassination was planned out by HYDRA operatives such as the Red Skull and Arnim Zola. This was done by brainwashing Sharon Carter (you know, Agent 13, Cap's neighbor in Winter Soldier?) and having her kill him. Most of these characters have been introduced and resurrected in the Cap movies, so this could play out exactly the same way.

Back to Bucky... we know that Cap will be looking for the Winter Soldier, trying to bring him back, with some help from the Falcon. We also know, if you saw or heard about the very last post-credits scene of Winter Soldier, that the Winter Soldier is starting to figure out who he really is.

This is how it could play out: They catch Winter Soldier helping HYDRA create the Superhero Registration Act or they catch him doing some of HYDRA's dirty work during the war. When they catch him, Steve eventually is able to find a way to remind him that he was once Bucky Barnes. Obviously this will draw him into depression as he realizes all the terrible things that he's done, and he turns away from Steve and HYDRA and the war. As the war gets worse and worse, Steve goes to find Bucky and convinces him that he can still do good to make up for his sins. And as he and Bucky fight to end the war, Bucky starts to remember the good person that he is and that he can still be that person. And when Steve is assassinated, most likely in Avengers 3, that's when Bucky will take up the mantle as Captain America. Because he'll believe that to honor Steve Rogers's memory, and to forgive himself for his sins, he has to strive to do good and to fight for the right people and the right beliefs. He will become Captain America.


Let's see how this plays out!
Let's see how this plays out!

So, let's see what could come from this storyline. Captain America could be facing off against HYDRA on last time to protect his fellow superheroes identities. When it comes to an all-out war that pits superhero against superhero, forget about the end of SHIELD. This could lead to the disbandment of HYDRA once and for all, and, much more thrilling, the Avengers itself. Which definitely provide a great story arc for Avengers 3. This will also lead to Steve Rogers's death as a final strike from HYDRA. Which would then lead into Bucky taking up the mantel.

In the aftermath of this movie, so much could be left open for Bucky to start his reign as Captain America. We might even see HYDRA's one last attempt to bring Bucky back to them, or them trying to kill him.

Like I said, so much could happen for him in the future movies. Now, with everything that could happen as an outcome of Civil War, I have no doubt that Marvel should use this as their Captain America 3 storyline. Because not only would it provide a great movie for all kinds of fans to enjoy. It would also set the stage for Phase 4 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and could create an entirely new world for Marvel to work on. Hopefully we'll see this coming soon.

Captain America 3 hits theaters on May 6, 2016


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