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Before Live Free, Good Day and Justin Long came along and showed us all how bad things could really get, Die Hard with a Vengeance was seen as the weakest point of an otherwise solid series. Shot in McClane's home town of NYC it lacked the fish-out-of-water laughs of the first two. On top of that, Bonnie Bedelia's Holly was nowhere to be seen, and worst of all, it wasn't even Christmas. And yet, despite all that, it still holds a place in our hearts.

The New York humidity added all kinds of stress to proceedings and, in the Fort Knox heist, Vengeance boasted one of the series' best set pieces. McClane's foil, Jeremy Irons' Simon Grüber, was a bit of a classic too but best of all was the ball-breaking back and forth between Bruce Willis' NYPD wise guy and Samuel L Jackson's stylishly bespectacled and quite pissed Zeus Carver. Now it seems Fox might be looking to get The Avengers star back on board for the series' rumored 6th outing. Taking to Twitter today, Latino Review's "El Mayimbe" had this to say:

Would this be an antidote for the lagging series? We might dare to think so. Willis has looked increasingly worn out with each passing instalment- the studios for some reason feeling obliged to put him next to a much younger model- so a return to ball breaking banter with an old friend could be just the ticket. Whatever happens, it could hardly get much worse (could it?) and who could say no to more of this...

Would you be keen to see McClane and Carver back together again? Is it time to put this series to bed? Do I look like a Peurto Rican to you? Let us know below.



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