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Last week, Walking Dead showrunner Scott Gimple revealed that there may already be, and could be more, celebrity zombie cameos in the show - and as if by magic, the floodgates have begun to open.

Football star Chase Vasser, formerly a linebacker at University of Georgia, confirmed on Twitter - in a post that seems to have already been deleted - that he would be appearing in the season 5 premiere: “It’s Official! Tune in on Oct 13th on AMC for The Walking Dead! .”

Vasser isn't the first UGA alumnus to feature in the show - and Hines Ward's previous appearance made up what was likely the coolest looking congratulations that Vasser received:

What do you guys think? Is Vasser the first of many - or will the former college football star be about as celebrity-fied as the show will get? Let me know below!


Will we be seeing more celebrity cameos on The Walking Dead?



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