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Last Sunday saw the debut of the final season of Mad Men. It was a welcome return for the show, which was been praised and sometimes criticized for its portrayal of 1960s America.

But how much has actually changed since the 60s? Well, a new set of graphs has been released detailing the difference between 2013 and 1970 (the year the year Mad Men is expected to reach this season). And what do they tell us?

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Well, the good points first:

In 2013 we drink less coffee and alcohol, a flight from New York to LA costs less, we eat less meat and live longer.

And the bad points?

We live on our own more, weigh more, pay more for oil and are paid substantially less compared to the highest earners in society. We drink less milk and more soda, and the richest people in society pay less tax.

Take a look at the chart here:

So what do you think of this information? Are you surprised? And, based on these statistics, when would you rather live: 1970 or 2013?

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I would rather live...


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