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It's never to early to refresh your memory when it comes to an event as epic as the MTV Movie Awards! We have all whooped with glee over the Zac Efron shirt strip, and got misty eyed over Channing Tatum's Trailblazer Award, but lets take the time to recap the whole glorious event in pictures!

Hunger Games stole the show

[The Hunger Games](movie:44466) crew whipped some serious MTV ass scooping all the most elite awards including Best Movie, Best Male performer (Josh Hutcherson), and Best Female performer (Jennifer Lawrence). [12 Years A Slave](movie:222641) didn't stand a chance.

...Actually, maybe Zac Efron really stole the show

The hunky king of bronzer scooped the Best Topless performance award, and cheeky Rita Ora couldn't resist whipping out the goods. Her face in this pic says it all!

Ellen Page gave us some more X-Men action

An ultra-adorable suited Ellen Page introduces a new clip of [X-Men: Days Of Future Past](movie:203942).

Eminem and Rihanna deliver 'Monster' swag

Eminem and RiRi blew crowds away with a 'Monster' performance, reminding us all that these are the hippest awards in biz.

Jared Leto and Lupita Nyong'o made our hearts explode

Please just get it on and dance into the sunset wearing elaborate patterned fabrics together. Please!

Jonah Hill made us spit our popcorn at the screen

The faultless funny-man made us laugh with his performance in [The Wolf of Wall Street](movie:16412), and made us teary eyed when he explained how he introduced a humble Channing Tatum to comedy. Awwww!

Don't worry kids, Grumpy Cat is still flawlessly grumpy!

Tardar Sauce is THRILLED to have her photo taken with fans!

Ah, what a night! What were your favourite moments of the show? I can't decide between the dick pic joke or the Effron strip!


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