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Right guys, hold on tight to the bars at all times and do not put your hands outside the vehicle. Things are about to get messy! Some freaky new R-Patz and KStew rumors have emerged, and I think audacity of them will get you all a flurry!

According to Radar Online, Rob and Kristen were in an open relationship that relied on 100% honesty when it came to disclosing their individual affairs. Say whaaaat?

The source said;

When they were officially dating, they always had a policy of 100 percent honesty, which did create issues. Robert was always very frank about his flings with other women and that worked for Kristen too. They had an open relationship and it’s amazing that Kristen hasn’t revealed this info when she was being painted as a ‘jezebel’. Rob has had other women on the side and Kristen has had other women and men as well

Quick- slam the breaks! -other women too?

Surely this must be an elaborate hoax? Kristen Stewart seems like such a strong independent young lady that surely she would have came out to support others if she was bisexual?

Also, would this not be the riskiest arrangement for a Hollywood couple possible imaginable? With this trail of so called lovers able to expose Robsten as a sham, surely one of them would sell their story to the ravenous press for top dollar? Rob and Kristen would have been vibrating with anxiety the whole time, and they never gave off that vibe.

Rob and Kristen - Cuteness embodied
Rob and Kristen - Cuteness embodied

Just to hammer the final nail into the coffin of unholy insults to Robsten, the source describes Rob and Kristen as having a;

Bizarre approach to relationships. Their relationship was always a business and a spiritual partnership more than a romantic one. Rob and Kristen often said they might never see each other again after the last Twilight press tour and that’s pretty much what happened, except for their ‘are you in town’ booty calls

Oh no wait I'm sorry, THIS is the final nail!

They were pretty up-front with each other when they got sick and tired of each other. It was the strangest relationship, but keeping each other at arm’s length is working in their favor

Sick and tired of each other? I just can't. Surely it was obvious to the everyone that the end of Robsten was a terribly sad decision for both of them riddled with mistakes and regret?

I think it is pretty rich for someone to cheapen Rob and Kristen's relationship like this. I follow what pretty much all of the gossip rags have to say about the intoxicatingly addictive pair, but this is by far the most insulting thing I have seen so far.

Are any of you guys up in arms about the latest sickening rumor? Vent your disgust below.


Which part of the latest rumor is the most ridiculous?

(Source: Radar Online)

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