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Again! Just when we were hoping that former Twilight lovebirds Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson might repeat their Coachella festival romance, something goes and messes it all up!

When it comes to work, 24-year-old Stewart is a true professional and the latest rumors in circulation are that she was forced to cancel her planned Coachella trip as she needed to remain fresh for the shooting of her upcoming movie American Ultra, which begins this week. A source close to KStew reportedly revealed:

Kristen is super bummed that she missed Coachella. She planned on going but decided to stay in New Orleans since shooting starts tomorrow [Tuesday, April 15]. She wanted to be fresh and rested.

The star was said to have wanted to celebrate her 24th birthday at the music festival, has spent previous years at Coachella with Rob by her side. But this year, after the couple's split, so much has changed. The same source revealed that:

Of course she's disappointed that she didn't get to hang out with Rob - that was really the main reason she wanted to go in the first place. But we sent her funny pics and texts and so did Rob.

American Ultra - the movie making KStew so unnervingly NOT at Coachella, will center on Mike (Eisenberg), an unmotivated slacker who lives an uneventful life in a sleepy small town with his girlfriend Phoebe (Stewart) and a lot of pot. Mike has to shift up a gear or two, however, when he becomes the unlikely target of a lethal government operation, whose only incentive is to take him out.

The movie marks the second collaboration between 23-year-old Twilight star Stewart and Zombieland's 30-year-old Jesse Eisenberg. The thesps already worked together in 2009's coming-of-age comedy Adventureland, in which the teenage theme park employees formed an unlikely friendship which, as they do, led to more.

Do you think Kristen could've hit up Coachella with Rob for at least a little bit? Or are you impressed by her attitude and dedication for work? Hit me up in the comment section below!

American Ultra is estimated to hit theaters in 2015.

(Source: HollywoodLife)


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