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The strange beast that is Sharknado is in the process of rearing its ugly head for the second time and the producers are on the hunt for some crowd funding to help shoot whatever insanity their writers have conjured up. The Asylum company need to reach a target of $50,000 as reports:

The Asylum didn’t reveal anything about the scene other than the fact that it will involve chainsaws. Money raised from the Indiegogo campaign will be used to pay the crew, purchase equipment and chainsaws, apply special effects, and even adopt a shark.

As is usually the case, a selection of rewards are on offer, depending on how much of your hard earned cash you're willing to give:

We’ll tell you what the scene is and where it appears.
A recording of your scream will be used in the movie.
We’ll put YOU in the movie!
An outrageous amount of swag, including stuff autographed by the stars
A custom t-shirt
And more! Be sure to check this space for new perks as the campaign gets going!

Sharknado has made a seemingly successful attempt to get branded with the so-bad-that-it's-good tag. This moniker, in this writer's humble opinion, should be cherished and awarded only to those films with their best intentions at heart. The makers of such staggering, beloved misfires as The Room and Troll 2 still contend to this day that what they made is artistically sound and that is exactly why those films are unique. We just can't imagine director Anthony C. Ferrante unironically stating the same.

But hey, if chainsaws and sharks etc. are your kind of thing, we certainly won't judge. At time of writing 13 people have forked over $120 each to have their scream in the movie. Good for them.

Will you be throwing some cash their way? Are you already involved? We'd love to know.

[Sharknado 2: The Second One](movie:1228437) is set to air July 30th on SyFy


Does Sharknado deserve the So-Bad-That-It's-Good tag?


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