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One Man and his Dog is a comedy short that sees aliens crash land an egg on earth, sending an intergalactic ambassador who wants to bring salvation to mankind.

But how will he be received? And how much of his impression of humanity will depend on the first person he meets, no matter who they are.

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The short film's official synopsis reads:

A gentle alien visits the troubled planet earth. He is a galactic peace ambassador and mankind's only hope of salvation. After landing in a remote field he is discovered by a dog-loving stranger on the run from the police. So begins a comic tale of mistaken identity and extra-terrestrial tomfoolery.

Take a look at the short film here:

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So what did you think? Did you see any of the twists coming? How do you think aliens would react to meeting mankind for the first time - and what would you do if you met an alien? Write in with your thoughts below the line.

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