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Alex Garland made the jump from novelist to screenwriter when Danny Boyle decided to follow up his breakout Glasgow scag anthem Trainspotting by bringing Garland's The Beach to the big screen. Garland and Boyle then turned to sci fi with speculative efforts 28 Days Later and Sunshine, before Garland flew the coop penning Never Let Me Go and 2012's well liked, if underseen, Dredd.

He's rumored to be penning the Halo film too but for now, with his latest effort Ex Machina, Garland has decided to take the director's chair for the first time.

The film boasts two budding young actors in Irishman Domhnall Gleeson (son of Brendan) and Inside Llewyn Davis' breakout star Oscar Isaac. The first image has just been released, take a look:

So what's it all about then? Isaac spoke to Indiewire about the project last year and had this to say:

It's [set] in the not-too-distant future—it actually could very well be the present, it's a little bit undefined—and it all takes place in a house, or at least in a facility. I play a billionaire programmer who's developing algorithms for the most popular search engine in the world and no one's seen him or heard from him in quite a long time and one of his employees wins a raffle to come to his place in Alaska and test his newest invention, which happens to be a robot in the female form that may or may not have consciousness

Right... we're in.

That track record gives plenty of reason for optimism and the story sounds cagey and clever; the casting also suggests there might be some laughs in there too.

One quick point of concern though; In this writer's humble opinion Garland has had trouble finishing stories in the past- everything tends to descend into madness of one sort or another, although that could be more to do with Boyle than him- but we'll be staying positive all the same.

Y'all intrigued to see it? Could you care less? It's just a picture of someone holding a glass ball? Let us know below.

Ex Machina is expected later this year


Garland to pen Halo?


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