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Good news for Tolkien cosplay enthusiasts: Richard Armitage - Thorin Oakenshield himself - is a big fan of your work - especially if you're a dwarven lady.

Asked by what he thought of Lord of the Rings cosplay, and of the incredible level of detail that is achieved in its costuming, Armitage had this to say:

¨I know! And a lot of them are women – and they’re growing their own beards and everything! It’s kind of amazing that they can do that… [laughs] No, I’ve seen a few bearded ladies… I think it’s brilliant. I’m always immensely impressed at the workmanship, and the way that they’ve looked at the costumes and copied them – I think it’s pretty amazing. And I’m sure it’s one of the reasons why the costume design is so detailed – because they know that people will look at it in that kind of detail, and study it.¨

So if you're dressed like a dwarf and happen to spot him at Comic-Con - and he also suggested that he'll be there - it sounds like he won't be unhappy to see you.

Armitage also had a lot of interesting things to say about the nature of his film version of Thorin, and how he compares to the original novel's Oakenshield:

¨You know what, I feel like there is a sort of nod [in the films] to the character in Tolkien’s book… but my very first impression of The Hobbit [book] probably hasn’t changed. The version that we played of Thorin is very much about Philippa Boyens’ brilliant screenplay; so it sits somewhere between the two. I will probably pick up Tolkien and be reminded of what Philippa, Fran and Pete did with it; which I think is great, because their job is not just to put the book on screen, but to develop all of those ideas and take us into another world.¨

It's an interesting thought - it's easy to forget that the adapting a beloved book like The Hobbit is as much about creating a new world as it is adapting an old one. There's more of Armitage discussing his role, and The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug's recent Empire award, here.

What do you guys think? Bearded dwarven cosplay ladies - yay or nay? Let me know below!


Bearded dwarven cosplay ladies - yay or nay?


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