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Maps to the Stars is a satirical drama from renowned director David Cronenberg - and the second consecutive collaboration between Cronenberg and Robert Pattinson.

The plot follows a a successful pop-psychiatrist played by John Cusack, who has a child actor son and a mentally unstable daughter. Julianne Moore also appears, as a neurotic washed up actress.

One interesting thing about this movie is the change in tone between the two trailer that have been released so far. The first, came from when the movie was in post-production, and seems much slower and more melancholy. Check it out here:

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The second trailer, however, takes a more acerbic tone. It has lost the moody soundtrack, and you get the sense of a funnier, crueler movie - see the second trailer here:

So what do you think? Are you looking forward to the second David Cronenberg movie in a row that sees Robert Pattinson in a limo? Is Maps to the Stars a movie you want to see? And which of the trailers did you think was better, the first or the second?

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Which trailer did you prefer?


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