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Visitors to this year's Lebowski Fest are sure in for one hell of an incredible show. It's not unheard of for stars of The Big Lebowski to make an appearance at the annual event, however Jeff Bridges has blown all previous fests out of the water by agreeing to play a show along with his band, the aptly named The Abiders.

The Lebowski Fest broke the news with the following announcement:

Come and raise a White Russian to El Duderino. He's the man for his time and place, he fits right in there.
Commonly hailed as one of the most diverse and natural actors of our time, Academy Award® Winner Jeff Bridges has fully embraced the world-wide love of his iconic character of The Dude he effortlessly portrayed in the Coen Brothers’ classic cult film. Jeff is a true renaissance man who is not only an accomplished actor but a photographer, illustrator as well as a talented musician.
The evening will kick off with the Kyle Gass Band and other special guests from the film. This will be one far out night followed by the Bowling Party the next day with bowling, costume and trivia contests on April 26th.

Lebowski Fest is an annual travelling festival that celebrates everything The Big Lebowski. It has a permanent event in Louisville, Kentucky, although Bridges and The Abiders will be appearing a special Los Angeles showing of the movie on April 25th. It's not clear what kind of tunes they're going to play, but I fully expect there's some Creedence Clearwater Revival in there.

Tickets and more information can be discovered over at

What do you think? Do you consider yourself a dutiful follower of The Dude, or have you never got the cult love for The Big Lebowski? Drop your comments below, because, well, that's just like, uhhh, your opinion, man.


Do you consider yourself a dutiful decibel of Dudism?


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