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Bandi Hartsfield

I was recently reading a digital copy of Dectective Comics No 27, which is the first appearance of The Batman. In the story, which is titled the Criminal Syndicate, four colleagues are given threat notes if they don't give some important papers which must be worth some money, (the story never ellaborated on that). When the second man dies, Batman catches the burglars on the roof on the second victim which gives him clues on the man who put the hits on those four colleagues. Batman goes to the house to discover that Alfred Stryker, one of the four colleagues, is the man responsible. When Batman catches him, he breaks free of Batman's grasp and falls into a vat of acid.

For anyone who doesn't know, the origin of the Joker is a nameless man falls into a vat of acid while trying to escape from Batman. You know what this means? Alfred Stryker is the Joker! Over the years, DC has never gave us a definitive background on the Joker besides what I already stated above. I have finaly found the one thing DC has never told us.

Do you think differently, or do see a flaw in my logic? Let me know in the comments below!


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