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Warning: Massive Game of Thrones spoilers follow.

King Joffrey, the sadistic child King, is dead - poisoned to death at his own wedding.

His killer must be brought to justice. Below is a list of suspects we believe have the motivation, cunning and bravery to commit this crime and we want to know who you think is guilty.

You are judge and jury.

Cast your vote below:

Who killed Joffrey?
Who killed Joffrey?

Here's the death scene in all it's vomity glory:

Who do you think killed Joffrey? Let us know below the line.


Who do you think killed Joffrey?

Spoiler alert: All book spoilers will be deleted and their posters condemned to the seven hells.

And fair warning to those who haven't read the books: people are going to ignore the above warning. Beware the comments!


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