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Though it's a bit odd for us to be talking about a movie that came out 17 years ago, Titanic is still the second-highest grossing film of all time, with Avatar being the only film to-date that was able to surpass it.

So, why? What is it about this film that is beloved by so many, and hated by so many others? It's a polarizing movie for sure, and there's only one person I know who is capable of unraveling the real mystery behind the movie you couldn't avoid talking about in the late 1990s.

I give you Plinkett of Red Letter Media (you may have seen his videos before--he's the pizza roll guy), who extensively reviewed this film some time ago and has only recently provided the full video on Youtube. It's quite long, but definitely worth the viewing (I managed to watch it in one sitting, entertained completely).


(Disclaimer: this video has strong language and some suggestive content)


Titanic...Best or Worst Film of All Time?


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