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As some of you horror fanatics might know, an eighth installment to the Saw series is currently in development at Lionsgate. Don't let the title to my article fool you as I don't think the redemption of the series is something that will be anything close to simple.

In a 2011 IGN interview, series creators James Wan and Leigh Whannell were asked if the seventh was really the final film in the franchise. Wan stated:

It is finished for now, but it's such a huge, well-known franchise that it's going to come back at some point.

After this, they were asked what it would take for them to return to the franchise and Wan said:

We would come back if we were allowed to do something different and really cool.

That, in my opinion, is the redemption to the series. Wan and Whannell need to return to the series not only as producers, but also as writers and possibly the director's seat for Wan again. Out of the seven, I specifically love the first three, the ones that Wan and Whannell were directly involved with, and the first one is my personal favorite.

There are two big projects that occurred, long after the two were no longer involved beyond producer status, that make me love the team of Australian film-makers being in the world of horror, and make me want them to return to the series that made them famous.

1. The Insidious series

Say what you will about this series, I loved it, or at least the first one. The second one definitely wasn't that great, but I loved the beginning, middle, and end of the first film...though it did lose a bit of its' bluster toward the last fifteen minutes. Wan and Whannell worked together on this film with Wan in the director's seat and Whannell writing the film, just like the original Saw. Again, say what you will about the movies, but what they did with the first one seemed new in a world filled with horror remakes, reboots, and old news.

2. The Conjuring

Unfortunately, Whannell was not involved with this film, but Wan did direct it. Again, I've heard good and bad things revolving around this movie and everyone has their own opinion, but I absolutely loved it. The film had me on edge almost the whole time, and my wife couldn't even make it through the first five minutes. It was an extremely successful, low-budget horror film, and it currently holds 7.6 out of 10 stars on IMDb. This film proves that James Wan belongs in directing horror films, but I am extremely excited to see how Fast & Furious 7 turns out under his direction.

Whether you like or hate any of the horror movies I mentioned, I want to know. If you loved the Saw series, what would you like to see in an eighth film? Would you want Wan and Whannell to return as much as I do? Let me know in the comments, maybe speculate what Insidious 3 could be about, as the makers have revealed it won't be about Patrick Wilson and Rose Byrne's family this time around...

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