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I've never done a fan casting before, so go easy on me if you don't like my choices. I've been reading and watching anything having to do with Batman since I was 4 years old, so I like to think I know these characters and know what I'm talking about. You be the judge.

1. The Joker

My pick for the Joker is Ben Foster. This guy is intense and would own this role. If you are not familiar with him, get familiar with him. He puts a lot of effort into his acting and the characters he plays. I was not a fan of the movie Alpha Dog, but this guy played an all too convincing psycho and was a bright spot for me.

2. Harley Quinn

For some reason, I really like Kristen Bell for this role. She is a popular choice among fans and with good reason. She has a great voice for the character and would pull off the clingy, annoying character traits of the Cupid of Crime. She has the body for it too.

3. The Riddler

Need I say more? Edward Norton is a talented actor. The Riddler is one of my favorite Batman villains, but he has been a disappointment lately. Read my post "Re-imagining the Batman Rogues Gallery" to see how I feel about the Riddler these days. Edward Nigma is an important villain, because he matches the Dark Knight in wits and intelligence. Edward Norton would bring an immediate and much needed level of respect to the character.

4. Roman Sionis A.K.A. Black Mask

Guy Pearce is a good actor. Black Mask is evil, sadistic, and completely out of his mind. Guy Pearce could do that, in my opinion. I always say that if Carmine "The Roman" Falcone and the Joker had a little villain baby, it would grow up to be Black Mask. I base this pick off the idea that he is not Black Mask right away. Just a business man who resents Bruce Wayne after his company was bailed out by Wayne Enterprises.

5. Two Face A.K.A. Harvey Dent

This was a tough one for me, because I thought Aaron Eckhart played a great Two Face. I believe Jim Caviezel could do it. You need someone who would be believable as an honest, authoritative, and strong force for good, but also someone who could turn into an unreasonable and confused person who is his own worst enemy. The role of Two Face has to go to someone who would be able to handle two roles, and I believe this man could do it.

6. Hush A.K.A. Dr. Thomas Elliot

I almost feel like Jeph Loeb and Jim Lee were thinking of this guy when they created Hush, but Simon Baker wasn't that well known back then, so highly unlikely. If you know who Dr. Thomas Elliot is, and are familiar with Simon Baker, do you see what I see? Go play the Batman: Arkham City video game and tell me Simon Baker wouldn't be perfect as Hush. He only had a small cameo in the game, but he acted just like Simon Baker does. Tommy Elliot looks like Simon Baker too, so changing his appearance would not be demanded.

7. Bane

The Rock is said to be in talks with DC. Nobody knows for sure which character. As much as I like the idea of Dwayne Johnson playing Lobo, I would rather see him as Bane. Obviously, he has the figure for it but what a lot of people seem to forget is that Bane is also a very charismatic villain. Who wouldn't want to see the Rock whooping some candy ass while pumped up on some Venom? I still have not been satisfied with the two portrayals we have had of Bane so far. For obvious reasons, the Bane from Batman and Robin was terrible and as much as Tom Hardy did a good job, that was not the Bane I know. Do you smell what I'm cooking?

8. Scarecrow A.K.A. Dr. Jonathan Crane

I always thought Steve Buscemi would make for a great Scarecrow. He's a great actor and would be convincing as a creepy doctor obsessed with the fears of other people. Plus, he kind of looks like him. If I had to pick a second, it would be John Malkovich.

9. Mr. Freeze A.K.A. Dr. Victor Fries

Jason Isaacs is someone who has played cerebral parts before. He can be cunning, COOL, and deceptive. Watch him in the Harry Potter series or the Patriot with Mel Gibson. The guy plays a very unreasonable and brutal Red Coat in the Patriot. In the Harry Potter series, we hate him through all of the movies and almost start to feel bad for him at the end... almost. Sometimes, we feel bad for Mr. Freeze. Mr. Freeze is a very underrated villain, in my opinion, and he needs a respectable actor to bring him to life on screen after that nonsense with Arnold.

10. Deathstroke A.K.A Slade Wilson

Am I the only who can see this? Maybe I'm way off base with this one. I know Deathstroke isn't really a "Batman" villain, but they have gone at it before. I just think it would be epic to see this man in the picture above doing a roundhouse kick to the face of Batman. Epic...

How'd I do? Terrible? Let me know what you think and some of your ideas in the comments. Maybe I'll do another fan casting.


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