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We don't know a lot about the upcoming Avatar sequels. Actually, we probably know more about the bottom of the Mariana Trench (true Cameron fans chuckled a little at that) than we do about these sequels. We know there's 3 more coming, they'll expand the universe, they'll make a shitload of money, and that's just about it. Well, we do know a bit more, but I need those to make my predictions look enlightened.

1) RDA (aka Resources Development Administration, aka the bad guys) will team up with other private companies to exploit Pandora in many other ways.

Seems obvious, but it had to be said. We'll be getting the same "humans are bad" speech from the first one. The way I picture it, a medical corporation look into the ocean and find a cure for diseases back home, probably something to do with those masks everyone was wearing on Earth if you saw the extended version. Or massive plots of land are taken over by an agricultural conglomerate and farming is established, either in the water or on land, and the Na'vi witness further destruction of their planet, but now it's more than just their home.

2) Miles Quaritch transforms into a General Grievous/Darth Vader type character.

If you've been paying attention to Avatar news, you'd know Stephen Lang has been contracted to return in the oncoming sequels. Which strikes as a bit odd when his death was the climax of the film. So how will he return? I'm guessing this badass will return, either cloned or seriously dependent on technology. Such as how General Grievous in the prequels was an animal heart and brain controlling a tough exoskeleton. Quaritch will very similarly be a jumble of wires and tubes, showing his 'soul' being consumed by technology, as Jake Sully acts as a foil and continues his dive into nature. Along with this I would imagine a few upgrades, maybe even an Elysium-esque metal suit, granting greater strength and fighting chop much like his amp suit did for him, and this will eventually culminate into a similar battle. I wouldn't be surprised if, by the end, he sacrifices himself to help Sully.

  Avatar drawing
Avatar drawing

3) Avatars return, but can you trust them?

This may be an odd one, but it still seems possible. With the return of RDA or similar associates, these companies may again try to reason with the Na'vi, and Jake in particular. I think we'll see them using the avatar technology for bad once again, like how Jake was used, with "Scientists" infiltrating whatever new home the Na'vi have made, betraying Jake. I wouldn't be surprised to see avatar soldiers and spies to take native clans down. Perhaps even a similar story arc to the one experienced by Jake, siding with the natives instead of with RDA.

4) Jake's time is limited

Another possible direction is to force cooperation between the Na'vi and the humans. This most easily could be achieved through putting an expiration date on the Avatars. We all know science experiments are hardly ever lasting, and Jake's body might be as resilient as we think. As his Avatar deteriorates, his only hope is to put his trust into humans, needing their science and technology to extent his life.

5) Many Similarities to Dawn of the Planet of the Apes

Just think about it, Avatar and Rise are essentially the same film. A being who initially favors humans is forced to live and learn the ways of another, more accepting culture to a point where they feel more at home away from humans. This sentiment eventually leads to a conflict, pitting the evil humans against a sort of resistance, with the leader serving as a middle-ground between the two forces.


Forget that the second film is being co-written by the writers of the first two Planet of the Apes writers, and think about how practical and logical following that root is.

  Avatar 2
Avatar 2

  Planet of Apes
Planet of Apes

In Dawn, humans were immensely reduced by the virus, in Avatar, the humans were all sent away at the end. It's easy to see humans cautiously return, begging help of the Na'vi, maybe experiencing a power crisis without Unobtanium, the Earth's economy and energy output wasn't enough, much like Dawn.

Just thinking about these two movies, everything seems translatable. James Cameron stated that the films will also focus on Jake's family, just as Dawn had, leading into further installments where Caesar passes the torch to his sons.

I'd go on, put it's just too easy to continue naming how viable and probable this route is. And I think I'm fine with that.

What are your predictions? Where do you think this series is heading?


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