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A lot of women, young adults, and girls fall for boys who they don't see in school, but are in a television program or movie. Some go gaga and want to marry this boy or that guy because he's good looking. But beneath the adorable character face, lurks a naughty boy. Here are three "pretty boys," who people fall for:

Joffrey Baratheon is one pretty boy who I wish would just die. You know him as King of Kings Landing. At the beginning of Game Of Thrones, Joffrey was kind to Sansa, but didn't want anything to do with Arya. Joffrey was disarmed by Arya, then attacked by Arya's direwolf. Since then, Joffrey has become that annoying King that everyone hates and wants dead. If their was ever a king or queen who I would want to see kill this abusive, and disrespectful brat, it should be at the hands of Daenerys Targaryen. Sadly, his death happened on a day of celebration, who killed him remains a mystery in Kings Landing.

Anyone who grew up watching Harry Potter remembers Draco Malfoy. Like Joffrey, Draco comes from the royal family where they get the best. While Joffrey got a sword on his wedding day, Draco got a Nimbus 2001 broomstick for making the quidditch team for Slytherin house. Draco is a pretty boy because he's rich, has a respectful family and gets the best stuff. Draco did have a target on his back, if it wasn't Harry, then it was Voldemort. Draco's pretty boy antics earned him the bad apple. After fleeing with his parents as the final wave of "The Hogwarts Battle," began. The Malfoy family was treated badly.

Commodus, who was king of Rome, was also a pretty boy. His sister had a son already and everyone adored Maximus. Commodus hated the fact that everyone cheered for Maximus and wanted that type of glory. Pinning Maximus, along with other obstacles was his way of trying to get popularity. But his end was met when Maximus stabbed him to death.

If their are any pretty boys that I hate overall, it's gone into a three way tie.


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