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I'm very enthusiastic about movies, I love making short films and I hope one day I can make a theatrical release!
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Most of these will probably be Disney but lets get started, my top 10 favorite animated movies of all time.

1. The Lion King:

I absolutely love The Lion King, its not over the top singing like(cough cough) Frozen, its funny, its sad(a Disney movie that killed a main character, don't see that very often), Hakuna Matata, to me, everything about it was awesome, if only I had it DvD, I would watch it everyday.

2. Toy Story:

A movie about toys, who wouldn't love that, AND THEY COME TO LIFE! Yup, this was probably one of the 1st movies I ever saw, loved it from the start, really don't want there to be a 4th one because it could ruin the fantastic trilogy.

3. The Incredibles:

Now an animated superhero movie about a disfunctional family, with super powers, sounds awesome right? Well because it is, a dad wanting to still be the hero, a mom trying to convince not be, a daughter in love, and a son who uses it against his teachers. Yup that's a movie, but then a guy who used to love Mr. Incredible, now wants to kill him, awesome, and I just watched this last night.

4. Finding Nemo:

A movie about a lost fish. Sounds different, that't because it is. A fish gets lost, father goes looking, meets up with a weird blue fish, well I liked it, its awesome. Nemo meets new fish, is found, everybody is fine and dandy.

5. How to Train Your Dragon:

A movie about vikings fighting dragons, no wonder I love it so much. A kid named Hiccup(wow no wonder he was picked one) cant use a weapon without messing s*** up, he actually shoots down a dragon, goes and finds it, becomes its friend, they become buddy buddy and have war together. Yup, awesome movie.

6. Shrek:

A fantasy movie about an ogre, a princess, and a donkey? Well it worked, an ogre who everyone is afraid of, a princess locked away in a tower, and the most annoying talking thing on earth, a donkey.

7. Lilo & Stitch:

Ohana. Now a sci-fi movie, aliens, girls, awesome dude. Wow Stitch is weird alien, but those other 2 are just creepy. But I think that's why I love this movie so much, it has aliens. Great movie.

8. Madagascar:

Another movie about animals, that's why its so awesome. 4 animals, a lion, zebra, hippo, and giraffe get stranded on the African island of Madagascar, meet some musical lemurs, have to find a way to get home, oh there's also 4 penguins, got to love this movie.

9. Ice Age:

Scrat. All you need to know.

10. Over the Hedge:

Last but not least, well maybe, I don't know. A raccoon, a turtle, other animals, some crazy lady, and a bear, oh almost forgot the Hedge. Raccoon wants food, steals from bear, food gets run over, raccoon gets threatened. You fill in the rest.

Well there you have it folks, my top 10 favorite animated movies. What yours? Comment below, let me know


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